The Irish really love the movies. And now they will be able to love more of their very own movies, as the Irish government announced it will be spending $188 million (EU145 million) on its film industry through 2013. Per year that's only about $27 million, hardly enough to pay the top name stars in Hollywood, let alone finance a typical American movie, but it should be plenty to get more domestic productions off the ground.

Think about how many great Irish actors are working today. Add to that the number of talented Irish filmmakers. Now try to name a recent Irish film -- without counting co-productions with the U.K., the States or any other country. It is difficult to do. But it has been fortunate that a lot of Irish storytelling is co-financed outside of Ireland, so we are aware of the talent continuing to come out of the country. And anyway, these days a lot of the cinema of Europe is the product of multinational collaboration.
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