The description of this film sounds a little familiar -- maybe you can help me out here. I'm talking about a film highlighted in a recent article up over at Production Weekly called Donwloading Nancy which will star the smokin' Maria Bello and Ray Liotta. According to the article, Bello and Liotta have recently signed on to the pic which tells the story of Nancy (played by Bello) an unhappy wife who, instead of offing herself via suicide, decides to hire a hit man (played by Liotta) over the Internet to do the deed.

Unfortunately, problems arise, as they often do when hiring hit men over the Internet, and the two form a relationship which makes it very difficult for the hit man to finish the job. The pic, to be directed by yet-another former commercial and music video helmer with no feature experience named Johan Renck, was written by Lee Ross and Tamela Cunning -- with Renck also working on a draft with the writers as well. Again, maybe its just me but this story sounds pretty familiar -- like the movie Bulworth -- only this time its a woman hiring the hit man and there's no Warren Beatty.

That doesn't mean this movie will end up being bad or anything. Sometimes familiar is a good thing, and I really like Maria Bello; most of her more-recent choices, like The Cooler and Thank You for Smoking, have been stellar. She has good taste in material, so maybe there's something to this one after all. I guess we'll find out soon enough because production on the film is scheduled to start next week in Regina, Saskatchewan.
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