Things are looking promising for the little horror film known as Teeth -- which is, in no way, a dental comedy -- at least not the type you'd assume. The movie, which screened at Sundance this year, is about a chaste teen who finds her increasing sexuality troublesome due to its vagina dentata nature. Yes, the girl's vagina grows its own set of gleaming teeth. Scott Weinberg wrote a rave review about the film for Cinematical, likening it not to campy horror, but as a film that has "a whole lot to say about young women and their fear of burgeoning sexuality, society's general distaste (and, let's face it, fear) of the female sex organ, and the ways in which men do a serious disservice to womankind by treating their "naughty bits" as if they're something to be ashamed of."

Jette Kernion then reported that the brothers Weinstein picked up distribution rights to the flick, and plans to release it in all its, erm, full glory, even if that glory comes with a shiny NC-17 sticker or free of a rating. That's great news for a film that sounds theatrically doomed since it revolves around a girl's vagina. Now, to top it all off, Bloody-Disgusting is reporting that Mitchell Lichtenstein, Teeth's director, isn't done with the tale of Dawn and her killer-bite crotch: "I've got a lot more adventures in store for Dawn (our hero with vagina dentata) ... we haven't finished her story yet..."

I can't help but wonder if this is a good idea. If it's done in a smart manner, like Scott has described, can it retain its smarts with part 2, 3 or 4? Horror series almost always fail to live up to the original, and often turn all sorts of campy. It's one thing for a girl to learn how to deal with teeth between her legs, it's another for her to go on vaginal adventures.