There was a lot of complaining yesterday about the Oscar nominations, mostly from critics and other film writers who were disappointed with Dreamgirls not earning a Best Picture nod. And even those who weren't complaining about it were at least stunned to the point that the snub seemed to become the biggest news in the history of the Oscars (our own Scott Weinberg thankfully made no mention of it). For those who want a simple abridged version of the nomination coverage, GreenCine has it all.

Dana Stevens at Slate seems to be one of the only people who doesn't mind that Dreamgirls was left out of the main race, and instead asks the more important question: what happened to Volver? The film was a favorite for the foreign language category, and it certainly should have garnered Almodóvar another screenplay nomination. Others that Stevens felt deserved noms include Catherine O'Hara (I don't agree entirely, but I feel she's more deserving than Breslin) and Philip Glass' score for The Illusionist (Glass was instead nominated for his Notes on a Scandalwork).