I thought the number of distribution deals that were finalized at Sundance yesterday was impressive -- and then I woke up this morning and found out about yet more deals. Distribution companies seem to be buying films left and right. Here are the latest deals reported from the film festival:
  • After Dark Films bought the worldwide distribution rights to the teen-crime film Weapons for an estimated price of slightly over $1 million. After Dark will likely distribute the film theatrically through Lionsgate, with which it has a partnership, and plans to release the film late this year. Weapons is written and directed by Adam Bhala Lough, and is about a group of angry, violent youths. Scott Weinberg has described this film as "bleak and listless" -- look for his review on Cinematical later this week.
  • Summit Entertainment acquired the worldwide rights (except Ireland) for the Irish musical Once for an undisclosed amount. The low-budget film was written and directed by John Carney. James Rocchi found the movie charming, and called it "a true pleasure that only the rankest cynic couldn't enjoy." Somehow I think I'd prefer this movie to Weapons, but obviously I'm not the target demographic for that film.
How soon do you think it will be before more Sundance deals are finalized, and for which films? I thought The Devil Came on Horseback was supposed to sell soon, but I haven't heard any rumors lately. What about Broken English, which stars indie-film darling Parker Posey? And everyone's talking about Dakota Fanning's rape scene in Hounddog, but no one's bought the distribution rights yet.