There seems to have been a bit of a mix-up at Jaguar Distribution, the company that distributes films to airlines for their mid-air movie fare. A number of lucky travellers were able to view a specially-censored version of The Queen, the film that just got Helen Mirren an Oscar nomination. On Delta Air Lines, Air New Zealand and others, the movie was shown with all mentions of God bleeped out. That's right, God has entered the ranks of f*ck and all the other words that bring innocent letters together for vulgar means.

I guess I was lucky earlier this month when I got to see Queen on American Airlines. As the story goes, a newbie censor was supposed to edit out profanities and "any blasphemy" for the in-flight version. The employee took this to mean editing out mentions of God as well, and worked himself into a bleeping frenzy. According to Jaguar's president, Jeff Klein, "A reference to God is not taboo in any culture that I know of ... We excise foul language, excessive violence and nudity."

It's too bad that the film didn't contain that oft-used phrase that would've become: "Bleep Save the Queen." The "bleep" gives the phrase a whole new ring. What happened to the employee with strange logic? He or she is still working for the editing laboratory, but I imagine that they're also working under a cloud of mockery.
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