So I just returned home from London (I trust you've all noticed how I have not been around these past few days -- either that, or you just forgot I existed) where I had the pleasure of visiting The Golden Compass and Inkheart sets. While I shall have plenty (and I mean, plenty) to say about both of those set visits soon, I figured I'd start out by unloading a bit of scoop I received from Brendan Fraser while on the set of Inkheart yesterday.

One of the highlights of yesterday's Inkheart set visit was meeting the cast which, while brief, definitely put a nice finishing touch on what was a fantastic visit to the Land Where Things Are Outrageously Expensive. Though we only had a few minutes with each cast member, I did manage to pull Brendan Fraser aside quickly to ask him about The Mummy 3. Basically, I wanted to know if both heandRachel Weisz were returning -- also, when they would begin shooting and whether or not a director had been attached yet.

On the production front, I asked if he was shooting Mummy 3 right after Inkheart, to which he replied: "I'm still waiting for the call, so we'll see ... " And when I asked if he would once again be co-starring alongside Rachel Weisz: "I haven't talked to Rachel yet, but it's all on the page." Yes, that means her character is in the script, and so chances are very likely she'll be back alongside our hero. Finally, Fraser did not confirm nor deny rumors that Rob Cohen had been asked to helm the third installment -- I take it he's a bit out of the loop right now, and is waiting to finish up Inkheart in order to dive head first into Mummy action.

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