Where were you when the Oscars noms were announced? I was in London, having lunch at a restaurant (appropriately named Oscars) on the set of The Golden Compass. New Line's Nicole Butte read the nominations off her trusty blackberry as myself, Devin from Chud, Drew (aka Moriarty) from AICN and Andrew from Collider cracked a ton of Dreamgirls jokes, were thrilled to see Pan's Labyrinth and Children of Men being recognized and simply could not get over the fact that Volver was totally snubbed. One nod which wasn't at all a surprise, of course, was Helen Mirren showing up in the best actress category for The Queen.

When we finally traveled over to the Inkheart set the following day, I definitely wanted to speak to Mirren about her nomination, as well as how she went about celebrating (if she even celebrated at all -- I mean, seriously, the woman had been nominated more times within the past few months for a flurry of awards, would an Oscar nod even matter?). Perhaps the funniest moment came when Mirren first walked into the room. As all the men stood up to greet her, Mirren politely said: "C'mon, I'm not really the Queen."

Mirren informed me that she spent the day celebrating with her cast members on set: "I have to say it was a grand day, and all the better for being on a set like this. It was fantastic to be working on this set on a day like that." She went on to say that cast and crew "showered her with golden coins" following the Oscar announcement. I tried to mentally picture folks like Brendan Fraser and Paul Bettany throwing gold coins at Helen Mirren, and (unfortunately) I couldn't help but chuckle a bit. We'll have more from Mirren on her role in Inkheart, as well as from the rest of the cast, at a later date.