On the surface, Parzania seems like a simple, English, fictional re-telling of the 2002 riots that were sparked when 59 Hindu train passengers died in Godhra, India from a fire blamed on a Muslim mob. The terrible chaos left approximately 2,500 dead, most of whom were Muslim. The film centers on the story Parzan, a boy of 10 who disappears when the riots start, and his family who then desperately tries to find him. While the name is fictional, the story is not.

Parzania is actually based on the disapperance of Azhar, the 13-year-old son of Dara and Rupa Mody, friends of the film's director, Rahul Dholakia. While the family tried to escape the fiery riots, Azhar's mother turned to pick him up, and he was gone. Since then, his parents have shown immense dedication towards their son's disappearance, committing themselves to finding out what happened to their son -- which includes weekend travels through Ahmedabad with a picture of Azhar. I can't help but wonder what that sort of dedication could do for disappearances on this side of the Pacific.

To further help their efforts, a picture of the boy, who would now be 18, is shown at the end of the film. Both the Modys and Dholakia hope that it will help to resolve this unsolved mystery. As well as dealing with the search for the boy, the film also focuses on the violence suffered by the Parsis community, a Zoroastrian group that the Modys are a part of. If the story is still not whetting your palate, the film's lone Caucasian actor is none other than Corin Nemec, previously known as Corky Nemec, or Parker Lewis.
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