Early Thursday morning, Nicole Kidman was in a car crash while performing a stunt during the shoot for her latest film, The Invasion. The accident, which didn't look too bad based on the video obtained by TMZ, occurred when Kidman's Jaguar (not her real car, but the one she was driving in the film) was being dragged around a corner by a camera rig. At some point it briefly lost control of the Jag which swung out and crashed into a pole. Glass went everywhere, and folks immediately ran to get Nicole -- no one appeared to care much for the little stunt boy sitting in the front seat. Hey, he was wearing a helmet!

Luckily, Kidman walked away from the accident with a slight limp and appeared to be a little shaken up. In the scene, Kidman's character is attempting to escape zombies or aliens (something not from this world) which have attached themselves to the hood of the car. In total, eight people were injured and taken to a nearby hospital to be evaluated. There's no word on whether this has or will delay shooting on The Invasion -- apparently, Kidman might have returned to work later in the day. In the pic, Kidman co-stars alongside her Golden Compass pal Daniel Craig.

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