Oh, those Brits and their rumors. Apparently, the Star Trek XI script is completed and official casting announcements should be heading our way soon ... but, that's not stopping people from tossing names into the rumor pile. For months we've been talking about the roles of a young Kirk and Spock (Britain's Sunday Mail seems to think Matt Damon has already been awarded the role of Kirk, but we all know that's far from an accurate statement), and now folks are shoving James McAvoy's name into the "Who will play a young Scottie?" rumor pile.

Yes, supposedly Paramount wants a Scot in the role (which I completely understand), and who better than everyone's favorite up-and-coming Scottish actor, James McAvoy? Most folks in the US will know McAvoy as Mr. Tumnus from The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, although he's appeared in a number of other films including Penelope, Starter for Tenand, most recently, The Last King of Scotland. Personally, I dig the choice and think McAvoy would make for a great Scottie. And, even though this is just a wild rumor right now, you have to imagine Paramount would place him high up on the list -- I mean, the dude is Scottish.

On the other hand, the whole Matt Damon thing bothers me to no end. In a perfect world, Singer J.J. Abrams and Co. will cast unknowns in the main roles and sprinkle more familiar names throughout the cast in smaller parts. What do you think about McAvoy as Scottie? The right choice? The wrong choice? Feel free to throw out some other names ...

[via Cinema Blend]

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