Though it wasn't technically screened at the Sundance Film Festival, Overture Films secured their first acquisition while in Park City, picking up the rights to Ferris Wheel, a drama produced by and starring Charlize Theron. Overture, a brand new production-distribution company, plans to shovel out two to three films per year before upping its annual slate to eight to twelve films; the Ferris Wheel deal was made after Overture execs watched only 45 minutes of the film, which currently is not yet complete.

Pic, which marks Bill Maher's (no, not thatBill Maher) directorial debut, revolves around a poor, irresponsible mother who leaves her daughter (AnnaSophia Robb) with her brother (Nick Stahl) for a little too long (since the word 'abandons' is used in the description, I take it this is a rather lengthy babysitting gig) to go party it up with the wrong crowd ... or, more specifically, Woody Harrelson. I tell ya, it's nice to see Theron trying desperately not to play the hot (wife? girlfriend? mistress? girl next door?) in every single film, as easy as it would be for her to do. I take it this will be another Theron role in which we'll find her all strung out, getting down with her bad self in a dramatic, kind-of-pretty-but-not-quite sort of way.

Script was penned by Zac Stanford, who made a splash at Sundance back in 2005 with The Chumscrubber -- the darkly twisted family drama which I found much more enjoyable than the film I always confuse it with, Thumbsucker.