If you're a fan of comedic experiments like The State, Stella and Wet Hot American Summer, you're bound to find more than a few solid laughs in The Ten, a skit-intensive (and entirely bizarre) amalgam of ideas -- clever, silly and just plain stupid. Those who don't see the humor in this sort of stream-of-consciousness, ultra-strange and intensely self-referential material will walk out of The Ten with their reaction phasers set firmly on "hate" -- but I discovered a solid handful of worthwhile chuckles in the flick, most of which come from the smoothly reliable Paul Rudd and the still-adorable Winona Ryder.

The framework is a fairly sketchy one: Rudd introduces a series of broad and generally goofy little set pieces, each of which are based on one of the Ten Commandments. Of the ten sketches (and the framing device) perhaps half of them deliver some really funny schtick, while some of 'em simply flop around the screen until the next bit comes along. But just like an anthology flick is only as good as its most entertaining sections, The Ten manages to fly only during its best moments. Here's what's on offer here: