Bad luck always seems to come in threes, so I would suggest anyone making a movie with action and stunts to take a few days off. Then again, Hilary Swank got stitches from a flying suspender, so maybe all of Hollywood should take a little holiday. Just hours before Nicole Kidman's car flying into a pole incident during a chase scene in The Invasion, Bruce Willis was injured on the set of Live Free or Die Hard, according to The Post Chronicle. One more would make three.

During a fight scene for the latest Die Hard in Los Angeles, Willis was kicked in the forehead and only temporarily hospitalized for his injuries -- he is John McClane after all. One kick can't keep him down. After being checked out by a doctor, the action star came out with a nice laceration above his right eye. The cut hasn't slowed Willis down, and he was back on the set as of yesterday.

Giving the action series an updated theme, the latest Die Hard installment has McClane teaming up with a young hacker to help stop a plot to bring down the computer structure that supports the world's economy. The rest of the cast includes Justin Long, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Timothy Olyphant, Jeffrey Wright and Kevin Smith.

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