Oh, it's officially on -- as if folks weren't all up in arms prior to Hounddog's screening at Sundance, now there's a petition circulating online attempting to not only block the film's release, but also asking law enforcement to arrest Dakota Fanning's mother (Joy) and agent (Cindy Osbrink). Should you be interested in signing such a petition, here's a little taste of what you'd be agreeing with: "They both are responsible, and if so they should be arrested and the film destroyed so the public doesn't witness this atrocity all in the name of an Oscar, whose name will be tarnished in the process."

Yes, apparently, the people behind this petition also feel like the only reason Dakota decided to take on the role was so she would be nominated for an Oscar. But let's back up for a minute -- is this sexually explicit rape scene featuring a 12-year-old actress against the law? Is it really kiddie porn? Slate looked into the actual law which states that things only get messy if the viewer is somehow convinced by what they see on the screen that Dakota Fanning had actual, real-life intercourse on set which, as most of us already know, rarely ever happens in a film featuring adults, let alone children. Says writer-director Deborah Kampmeier: "... you have a child yelling 'Stop it!' and only when you put that next to an image of a boy unzipping his pants do you see that it's rape."

Kevin and Kim both seemed to feel the same way about the rape scene -- that it wasn't nearly as bad as watching Fanning prance around in a "skimpy undershirt and panties, writing and wriggling her hips and fanny seductively as she imitates Elvis Presley's dancing style." But this is her Jodie Foster moment. This role shall define Dakota's transition from cute and cuddly to serious and thought-provoking. This is what the movies are all about -- consistently pushing the barrier and experiencing uncomfortable images all for the sake of pure entertainment and, perhaps, everyone will learn something in the process. Right?