How many of you out there hate it when studios go and switch around the actors/actresses playing main characters in a good TV or movie series? I think it is something nearly all fans can agree on. I understand sometimes that it is necessary for one reason or another, but most of the time, I'd rather they just write the character out of the plot, if at all possible.

Enter Rachel Dawes, the love interest from Batman Begins. Despite general knowledge telling us she'd return, there have long been whispered concerns about the increasingly inscrutable Katie Holmes. And now, LatinoReview adds some fuel to those whispers by indicating Katie Holmes will not return for the long-awaited sequel to the film, but the part of Rachel Dawes will be a part of the story. So we can go ahead and crank up the rumor mill in regards to who will take her place. In the meantime, LatinoReview also says Matt Damon has passed on Harvey Dent, but Ed Norton and Josh Lucas are still being considered (among others, of course), while Oswald Cobblepot has disappeared from the script.

In related Holmes news, she's just signed on to star opposite Queen Latifah and Diane Keaton in Mad Money, the "Ocean's 11 ... but with females" flick we told you about the other day. Yup, she's gone from Batman to Latifah. And are we happy about this?

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