Want to see a satire about the Ten Commandments? ThinkFilm is hoping you will -- the company just partnered with City Lights Home Entertainment to buy the North American distribution rights to The Ten, which premiered at Sundance this week. The deal was estimated at $4.5 million to be shared between the two companies. ThinkFilm will handle the theatrical distribution, and City Lights will work with Warner on DVD and digital distribution.

The Ten was directed by David Wain, one of the comic talents behind the TV show Stella. The cast includes Jessica Alba, Paul Rudd, Gretchen Mol, Oliver Platt, Famke Janssen, Winona Ryder and a bunch of other actors you probably know that I don't have space to list here. In his review for Cinematical, Scott Weinberg called it "a skit-intensive (and entirely bizarre) amalgam of ideas -- clever, silly and just plain stupid." This sounds like a fun (if uneven) movie, although admittedly I'm a sucker for anything with Paul Rudd. And Oliver Platt, for that matter. No word yet about when the movie will be released, although it would be awfully nice to have even a semi-intelligent comedy opening during the summer as an alternative to the big dopey blockbusters.

In other deal news, Variety is predicting a bidding war over The Good Night, another star-filled film that premiered at Sundance, written and directed by Jake Paltrow. Two other high-profile films, Hounddog and Chicago 10, still haven't found distributors.