In what police are describing as an "unfortunate, fluke accident," a set dresser working on the Toronto set of the forthcoming sci-fi film Jumper was killed Thursday. A large piece of set design composed of sand and earth apparently came loose off of an exterior wall and instantly crushed 56-year old David Ritchie. A second crew member was also sent to the hospital with injuries that were described as "serious." A spokesperson for the film released a statement on behalf of the production, expressing "profound sadness" over the accident and saying "our thoughts and prayers go out to David Ritchie's family at this time."

The film's stars, Hayden Christensen and Samuel L. Jackson, and director Doug Liman were no longer working on the Toronto set by Thursday; they have recently moved on to Tokyo for some location shooting. Jumper, Liman's first film since 2003's Mr. and Mrs. Smith, is a big-budget sci-fi actioner about a young man played by Christensen, who discovers that he has the ability to teleport and ultimately finds himself caught up in an actual war between teleporters. The film is currently penciled in to hit theaters in February 2008.

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