Forget that stupid porno theater incident that Paul Reubens was involved in (because, really, who cares?) and think back to the first time you saw Pee-wee's Big Adventure. You may have forgotten all about it, but I bet you thought the flick was really wacky and amusing the first time around. I still watch it about once a year, and I still think it's one of Tim Burton's most completely entertaining films. Plus I love Large Marge.

So for fans like me who loved Pee-wee's Big Adventure (and kinda enjoyed Big Top Pee-wee) the question has stayed the same for about two decades: Will there ever be another Pee Wee Herman movie? Or has the character's shelf life long since expired? Mr. Reubens has had dual aspirations for quite some time now: 1. He'd like to do a relatively "grown-up" version of the iconic character's misadventures, and 2. He'd like to do another family-friendly flick, which would probably be a safer bet, financially. (Or would it?)

In a recent interview with The San Francisco Chronicle, Mr. Reubens seemed most interested in returning to the silver screen via the material that's proving so popular on Comedy Central reruns these days. But isn't the 55-year-old a little too ... aged to play such a youthfully silly character? Says P.R.: "I think there's a good chance that the next Pee-wee movie, we'll all look younger than we did originally." That'd probably take a CGI budget bigger than a Pee-wee Herman movie would warrant, but heck, I like that the guy's still trying to mount a PWH comeback. I know I'd buy a ticket.

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