Jason (Mark Webber), a moribund young man in his mid-20s, lives in one of those Nebraska towns where people pin their hopes and dreams on the success or failure of their local college football team. Jason's hometown is in a bit of a state of football frenzy as the film opens -- their team's charismatic new coach has led them to the Fiesta Bowl, and -- much like in Friday Night Lights, where a small town's high school football team was their main source of pride -- every man, woman and child living there is rabidly following their football team's chances of winning.

Everyone, that is, except Jason, who spends his days pumping gas at the town's only full service gas station. Jason's nights are his escape; he spends them helping his friend Gus (Harry Dean Stanton), an old man losing his memory, run a beat-up old movie theater where the pair show classic films to the locals because Gus can't afford to pay for new releases.