The movie writers for The Guardian have been on a racial kick lately, dropping an unexpected bomb of a review on Rocky Balboa, accusing it of being loaded down with subliminal messages intended for white audiences -- like, for example, that it's remotely possible for a 60-year old white fighter to go the distance with a black champion in his prime. Now, in a piece entitled Heal The World, writer Steve Rose is casting a satirical eye on Hollywood's supposed discovery of the world outside our borders, as evidenced by the slew of recent films like Blood Diamond, Babel, The Constant Gardener and Syriana.

Rose's "guide to the best issue-drama cliches," includes such subsections as "White Man's Justice," which mocks aggressive PR campaigns like the one waged by Blood Diamond. According to Rose, campagins like that one exist primarily so that "Blood Diamond's website can brandish links to respectable institutions like Amnesty International." Another section of the guide, called "The Caucasian Angel," jabs at the notion that wherever there is "dark-skinned human suffering," a "smokin' hot white woman" must be dropped into the situation so that she can commence with "carrying the conscience of the Western world on her shoulders." This section of the piece closes by taking a swipe at Angelina Jolie for being "browned up" in her forthcoming film, A Mighty Heart.

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