A lengthy, detailed and remarkably un-scary trailer for the new film 1408 has been dropped. Based on the Stephen King short story of the same name from his audiobook collection, Blood and Smoke, 1408 is about a writer whose niche is the paranormal. He's also something of a professional debunker, continually talking up his belief that the supernatural is nothing but hokum, even though he writes about it for a living. His job description eventually leads him to an infamous, unused room at a swanky hotel, where strange things are rumored to happen.

The film stars John Cusack as the writer and Samuel L. Jackson as the caretaker who goes around letting people stay in a room where an actual blizzard happens and ghosts come running at the guests with sharp instruments. As for the trailer, it has little to offer other than Cusack pulling faces and screaming unconvincingly and throwing his hands up in the air a lot. It also shows us that there's a creepy, ghostly little kid who figures prominently into the story. Hmm...is Jack Nicholson getting residuals for this? The film also stars Mary McCormack and is directed by Mikael Hafstrom, who brought us Derailed. 1408 opens in theaters on July 13.