Attention, everyone who has UHD (Universal HD) on their cable box. Universal has announced a one-time-only screening of Steven Spielberg's Jaws, beginning Saturday night at 10 p.m, EST. According to people who should know -- the guys who run -- this is a likely precursor to Universal making their high-definition print of the film available beyond the UHD service. The site also says that "we already have word that HDNet Movies will be broadcasting the HD transfer in 2008."

To give you an idea of how serious these guys are about their Spielberg, they have an entire archive of Jaws media clippings to sort through, so you don't miss out on any breaking Jaws news. The most recent newsworthy event in the Jaws universe before this announcement was back on November 29, when several items from the original film went up on the auction block, including a dorsal fin prop, a technical drawing of the shark from the production design team, and -- wow, I might have actually bid on this one -- the rod and reel Quint used when he strapped himself into that fishing-seatbelt-contraption thing.