In an interview with Italian newspaper Il Giornale, actor Giancarlo Giannini has announced that he will make an unexpected return as the character of Mathis in the next, as-yet-untitled James Bond adventure. If you've seen Casino Royale by now, you remember that Mathis was Bond's MI6 contact in Montenegro who was ultimately revealed to be up to no good. He was last seen being tasered in the back by MI6 people and dragged away, presumably to some dank holding cell. Giannini also went further, stating that in the new film, Mathis will be revealed to have been an ally of Bond after all! This makes no sense whatsoever, since, at the end of Casino Royale, James Bond and M have a frank conversation about Mathis and his double-dealing. By 'ally,' he probably means 'still useful.'

According to the people at, who translated the interview, Giannini said that Mathis "will be using his double agent status to assist Bond in reaching the top of the mysterious organization that was behind Le Chiffre and Mr. White." This is yet more confirmation of the 'direct sequel' angle the next film will take. It's also the second piece of interesting Bond info inside of a week. Last Friday, The Guardian published a frank interview with Eva Green, in which she talked about, among other things, refusing a request by the filmmakers to strip for Casino Royale. Bond 22, or whatever it's called, is currently scheduled to hit theaters on November 7, 2008.

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