Most of us grew up with Disney characters. We'd anxiously await the release of the next video tape and then imagine ourselves in worlds with singing dwarves, tiny glass slippers and fairy godmothers, while poison apples, wicked stepsisters and sinister spinning wheels loomed on the horizon. Now, through the eye of Annie Leibovitz, the oft-remembered, animated scenes are getting further life through edited photography and celebrity re-creations.

The famous photographer was nabbed by Disney as part of their Year of a Million Dreams campaign. Her job -- to create an on-going series of photographs that use notable names to re-create the Disney scenes we know and love. So far, she's doing one hell of a job. The first celebrity to sign on is Scarlett Johansson, who took on the glass slippers for Cinderella's midnight run. Beyond being visually striking, what makes these pictures pop is the mixture of actual photography and digital flair. The actress was shot running down the steps of the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial in New York, and the the rest was re-created. It makes me wonder if a live-action film would work using this technique, because it looks pretty damned great!