Maybe because I grew up watching way too many horror movies, I tend to be pretty critical. When it comes to horror I tend to lapse into a "been there, done that" state of mind. My misspent youth in the eighties was during the glory days of the holy trinity of horror franchises (Krueger, Voorhees and Myers), plus my friends and I managed to work our way through every horror movie that would show up at the local Blockbuster.

Usually most of your low profile horror flicks head straight to video, but sometimes movies manage to create enough buzz to help ease the transition from a late night guilty pleasure to big screen debut. IGN has a first look at the trailer for the new horror flick The Abandoned. The film was a part of the recent After Dark Horrorfest and was directed by Nacho Cerdà. The story centers on a woman who is looking for her parents and is brought to the spot of her mother's murder -- and in true haunted house fashion -- the house has plans of its own. The trailer looks promising, not groundbreaking mind you, but it would seem there's some scares to be had. Even the poster is kind of spooky, although porcelain dolls have always creeped me out, so it might just be me. The Abandonedopens February 23.