The filmmakers behind the remake of John Carpenter's 1978 horror hit Halloween have announced the addition of three new cast members. Kristina Klebe, a young actress whose biggest credit to date is a recurring stint on the television show Rescue Me, will play Lynda Van Der Klok, Laurie Strode's friend who falls victim to Michael Myers in the first film. Udo Kier, a German actor popular with horror fans, has also been cast as Morgan Walker, the head of Smith Grove Sanitarium, where the sororicidal Myers was incarcerated before escaping. As we've reported before, several other notables have already been locked into the cast, including Malcolm McDowell as Dr. Loomis, Dee Wallace-Stone as Cynthia Strode and Brad Dourif as Sheriff Brackett, the role originally played by Charles Cyphers. Tyler Mane, the big guy who played Sabertooth in X-Men, will play 'The Shape' himself.

And so.....who the hell is going to play Laurie Strode? There's been a persistent rumor that the part was down to two young actresses, Canadian Lindy Booth and Blood & Chocolate's Agnes Bruckner, but nothing solid ever materialized on that front. This morning, Zombie has put all speculation to rest -- the part has been handed to Scout-Taylor Compton, a young redhead most known for being in this year's Sundance film An American Crime and several episodes of the television show Charmed.

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