H. G. Lewis -- not to be confused with Wells -- is the director known for such heart-warming classics as Boin-n-g, She-Devils on Wheels and The Gore Gore Girls. Another one of his creations, The Wizard of Gore, has been re-made by Jeremy Kasten, as Scott Weinberg shared last May. Kasten's last horror film, The Thirst, starred Matt Keeslar, Jeremy Sisto and a melange of Joss Whedon compatriots, whereas this taste of gore is featuring a whole mess of Suicide Girls (because no one seems to care about their names), Kip Pardue, Bjiou Phillips and Crispin Glover.

FilmIck gave a heads-up on Friday about the flick's website, which is now up and running. But be warned: There are Suicide Girls, which means nudity, and the trailer automatically plays when you open the page -- so, NSFW. However, when you're nestled in an appropriate location with your computer, you can see Crispin creep across the screen slicing into random women and men, Kip looking completely ridiculous in a noir detective get-up and Bijou looking like ... well, Bijou. The premise might not sound like anything, but this is a role made for Glover, and he really runs with it.

In case you're wondering what the hell it's about -- Glover plays Montag the Magnificent, a magician whose magic looks like murder -- he basically slices and dices into his helpful assistants. Everyone is disgusted, he's popular, and Edmund Bigelow (Pardue) seems to think its great until the bodies of Montag's on-stage "victims" start to appear, and the hunt for the killer begins. (Is it really someone other than the magician?)