When Casino Royale buzz was in its earlier stages, there were a lot of rumors going around about Pierce Brosnan's displeasure -- mainly in promises of future regret and showers of a certain four-letter word. Personally, I find the latter funny, since the desire to be given a chance is just what Daniel Craig was feeling; the man had to put up with a ton of crap before he could prove himself on-screen. As the buzz died down and everyone got used to the new Bond, Brosnan seemed to calm down. Last week, as part of a junket report on Seraphim Falls, Cinematical asked Brosnan about the Bond bitching. He seemed to be free of the bitterness and said he hadn't even seen the new Bond film.

Somehow, amidst a blistering schedule of promoting his new film, Brosnan has apparently found time to watch Casino Royale.Hollywood.com reports that the old 007 said the new 007 is the best 007. Ever. Talk about a change in attitude! Pierce is now giving Craig the ultimate praise and finally putting out the fiery anger surrounding his stint as the super-spy. While he is still "proud to be part of that legacy," Brosnan is quoted as saying: "Daniel Craig is the greatest Bond ever and deservedly so. He was a great choice." Good on ya, Brosnan -- that can't have been easy to say.
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