As sad as it is to say (because I absolutely loved him in Arrested Development), it's beginning to look like Will Arnett's appearance in a film spells -- how shall I say this -- um, disaster. Here's hoping his newest role, as a "hard-drinking sports commentator" in Semi-Pro, helps turn the bad luck streak around ... because this dude desperately needs it. Arnett has signed up to join Will Ferrell,Woody Harrelson and Outast's Andre Benjamin in the basketball comedy penned by Old School'sScot Armstrong (who's finally separating himself from Todd Phillips in an attempt to prove he's actually the funnier one). Essentially this is Arnett's second film with Ferrell (the upcoming Blades of Glory being the first) after recently riding the Bob Odenkirk (Let's Go to Prison, The Brothers Solomon) wave straight into the gutter. (I should note that The Brothers Solomon still has not arrived in theaters yet, but I think it's pretty safe to say the film doesn't look all that grand.)

So, is there a Will Arnett curse? Before you jump all over me here, let's take a look at some of his previous efforts: We all know what happened to Arrested Development, even though it was a fantastic show. Apart from that, there's Monster-in-Law, Ice Age: The Meltdown, R.V. and the grandaddy of them all, Let's Go to Prison ... not to mention a host of other roles that, well, aren't worth mentioning. Is it just me, or did Arnett piss off the Hollywood Gods at some point? And, in doing so, all of his future films are instantaneously turned into crap?

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