By the time the U.S. stops fighting in Iraq, there will be so many films about the war and its aftermath that you will be able to watch one a day for the rest of your life. At some point we will even stop posting the announcements of directors who will be making a film about Iraq and instead write about the directors who won't be. But for now, here's more details on one of those who is planning one. As Monika reported earlier this month, Brian De Palma is set to write and direct an Iraq-based film titled Redacted. Now it turns out that it will be an HD feature for Mark Cuban's and Todd Wagner's HDNet Films.

I'll admit that I've never cared for De Palma's films, and I'm just about done with the subject matter, but the format of the film intrigues me. Variety reports that Redacted will be a montage of stories, and in addition to being about different soldiers, it will also be about different forms of media coverage. I also expect it will have an immediate feel to it, as it will be shot and released fairly quickly in the HDNet day-and-date distribution model. This will be great for De Palma, whose films tend not to age well.

There is a plan to open Redacted wider and more commercially than previous HDNet releases, but considering many theater owners still aren't into the idea of day-and-date, the plan probably won't include a lot of areas of the country. And though I don't understand why, De Palma has a large following, and there is going to be a lot of people disappointed that they won't get to see the director's latest on a big screen.
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