One of the cool things about working here at Cinematical is that we often get info on films, casting, directors and the like before it gets announced to the rest of the world. Such is the case today with some casting news about director Neil Marshall's latest film, Doomsday. As I reported before, the pic currently stars the super-hot Rhona Mitra, and now, according to our new info, she will be joined in the film by the Oscar-nominated actor Bob Hoskins. The post-apocalyptic pic, also being written by Marshall, concerns a lethal virus that has spread throughout a major country and wiped out most of the populace. To contain the virus, authorities enforce a brutal quarantine by walling-off the infected parts of the country.

This puts an end to the threat, until it resurfaces years later in another major city, forcing an elite team of specialists, led by Eden Sinclair (played by Mitra), to enter the quarantine area on a desperate mission to find a cure. Hoskins will play cop Bill Nelson, who nominates Mitra's character for the perilous mission and monitors her progress while giving, one would assume, nuggets of wisdom and aide along the way. In addition to Hoskins, other cast members include e Alexander Siddig, recently of Fox's 24, as well as previous Marshall alumni such as Sean Pertwee and MyAnna Buring. Production on the film begins February 9.

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