Reactions to Christopher Nolan'sBatman Begins might have been varied, but on one point most seemed to agree -- there was nothing all that thrilling about the performance of Katie Holmes. To be honest, although I was ambivalent about her in the movie, "the girl" role in Batman movies has never been all that interesting to me to begin with. In the end, they are always just somebody to rescue.

On Thursday, tipsters inside Warner Brothers told that Katie Holmes would not be returning in the role of Bruce Wayne's childhood love Rachel Dawes for the sequel, The Dark Knight. Then, Variety confirmed that Holmes had officially dropped out to join Mad Money with Diane Keaton and Queen Latifah. Now, the rumor mill is at full tilt about Rachel McAdams being the front-runner to replace Holmes as "the girl" in the film. It's all completely unsubstantiated at this date, but another rumor -- that McAdams has been asked to make an appearance in the film as Selena Kyle -- seems somehow more credible. Also, Nolan is still looking for his Harvey Dent, so it may be a while before this cast begins to fall into place.
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