Oh, I know there are a slew of you out there who would love to be that guy -- all walking around the halls of your high school sporting Obi-Wan's robe, tellin' it like it is. Showing up to the office with authority: "Oh yeah, you want me to sit in that cubicle? Well, no one puts Obi-Wan in the corner!" Women would flock to you like they do in those annoying Axe deodorant commercials (Hey, I wear Axe and nothing like that ever happens to me!), while a day wouldn't go by without a high-five and a few dreamy stares. And then you wake up, realizing: "Holy crap, I just spent $100,000 on a freaking brown robe!"

Yes, that's (approximately) how much bidding will start at for a chance to own the original robe worn by Sir Alec Guinness in Star Wars. Oh, but that's not all -- folks can also pick up costumes worn in films like Titanic, Indiana Jones and Evita, as well as a number of James Bond's suits, when they go under the gavel at Bonhams Auctioneers. Roughly 350 to be exact, all provided by the London-based costume maker Angels. Tim Angel, of Angels, is honored to produce all these memorable movie costumes, but at the same time they could potentially hurt business. He notes, "The flip-side of creating such iconic costumes, that become so very famous and so firmly associated with key movies, is that they can never be used in other films or productions, nor can they be made available from our fancy dress shop."

I'm not sure what I would do with a brown robe worth $100,000. Where do you wear it? Could it be used as, like, an after shower robe? Do you hang it in the closet? For you Star Wars fanatics out there, is the price tag worth it? And, if you could own the original robe, what in the world would you do with it?

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