I'm sure you've noticed a lot of top notch reports from the Sundance Film Festival here on Cinematical, and kudos to all the staffers that sent in a constant flow of reports and reviews from Park City. Well, there's another festival gearing up for next October, and this one is downright scary. Screamfest '07 bills itself as "Discovering the New Blood of Horror and Honoring the Masters," and they're putting out a call for entries. If you're a budding filmmaker with a passion for the scary stuff, this may be your chance to get your terror flick some exposure.

The application form for film and screenplay submissions can be downloaded in PDF format here. June 15 is the early deadline for film submissions, with July 15 being the normal deadline and August 15 as the late deadline. If you've got what you think is one scary-ass screenplay, but haven't been able to get it produced yet, then sign up. This will be the seventh Screamfest, and is being organized by Festival Director and Founder Rachel Belofsky, along with her partner, four-time Academy Award winning special effects artist Stan Winston. Screamfest '07 will take place October 12-21 at The Mann Chinese Theaters in Hollywood, California.
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