Remember a young actress named Chiaki Kuriyama? Sure you do. She played Gogo Yubari, the mace-wielding bodyguard who dressed like a Japanese schoolgirl in Kill Bill Volume I. She was also in the disturbingly violent but oh-so-cool Battle Royale, and while most of her work has gotten little if any exposure here in the States, she has two dozen acting credits listed on IMDB. The trailer for her latest film, Exte: Hair Extensions, or Ekusute as it is known in its native language, will be released in Japan on February 17, and based on the trailer posted over on Youtube, this is one freaky little flick.

The trailer is entirely in Japanese with no subtitles, but apparently the movie is about killer hair extensions -- and, as goofy as that sounds, there are some real creep-out moments in the preview. The plot summary over at IMDB sheds a little more light on the story, and -- whaddya know -- hair extensions are carrying the hate and anger of the murdered woman to whom the hair originally belonged. Kuriyama plays a hairstylist in training, and there is a wonderfully creepy moment in the trailer when we see her practice on mannequin heads with their hair blowing in a slow motion wind. No info on a U.S. release, but I would bet this one is too bizarre to garner itself a Hollywood remake.

[Via JoBlo]