Here's a little feel-good story for Monday: Some guy (Gerald Fraller) was so bummed after losing his dream job, the dude decided to sell his soul online and use the proceeds to turn his life around. Yeah, that's normal. After his website,, began buzzing its way around the internet, it wasn't long before Hollywood took notice. And, yes, Tobey Maguire's Maguire Entertainment decided to take a risk and acquire the story in order to adapt it into a major motion picture.

You're probably wondering what one gets should they win the soul lottery (one dollar gets you one donation point, and so on) and actually obtain Fraller's so-called soul? Well, for starters, you get a percentage of Fraller's future earnings (with a minimum of $500), you get the right to name his future children, you get the option of planning his wedding and you get to write the words that will eventually show up on his headstone. Fraller, on the other hand, hopefully walks away with enough cash to change his life for the better -- a majority of it being used by Fraller to launch a foundation that helps people with depression. To date, he's received 3,690 bids and 8 marriage proposals.

We're not sure where Maguire will take the story or whether he will star in it himself, but there's several different avenues to explore here. Why do I feel the following line of dialogue is bound to show up somewhere: "Sure, you can have my soul, but my heart -- that's not for sale!" If anything, perhaps Fraller can take over for Maguire in Spider-Man 4 and help save the world that way.

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