Before much of her out-spoken political activism, work-out videos and a stint as a monsterous mother-in-law, Jane Fonda was Barbarella. It's been so long since her cheesy sex-bomb sci-fi adventures that it's hard to believe she was actually that same woman. Whereas Racquel Welch ruled the years B.C., Fonda was "the most beautiful creature of the future" a "5-star... astro-navigatrix girl." Now, almost a whopping 40 years later, Dino De Laurentiis wants to update the classic story of the lady who nearly dies of pleasure while taking sex to outer space.

I'm not sure how, but this new franchise will not be a remake, but "a completely new Barbarella," according to De Laurentiis. Exactly how is that? The simple act of keeping the name will mean that it will be re-made, so I assume that he means the story will revolve around a new plot with new characters. Will there be Durand Durand? Perhaps the role can be re-imagined for an even older man, and Milo O'Shea can once again bite into something meatier than his recent films, like the saccharine The MatchMaker.

But more pressing: Who should the new Barbarella be? Love is her speciality, so the role should really go to someone with definitive sex-symbol status, or someone great at both sex and farce. Angelina Jolie would be an obvious sex-charisma choice, but she's moving away from that image. Perhaps Salma Hayek? She can juggle both sexiness and tongue-in-cheek. Cinematical's editor, Ryan, thinks Drew Barrymore is the ticket. As for me, I'd go out on a limb and say Leisha Hailey. On The L Word she tackles both sweaty love and over-the-top craziness with ease, so I bet she could pull off some space-age sexiness as well -- that, and she reminds me of a modern-day Fonda. Who would you choose?
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