Wayyy back in 2005, I talked about a film called The Bachelorette Party which Nicole Kidman was producing and possibly starring in. At the time, I informed you that this film, unfortunately, would not be a sequel to the 1984 Tom Hanks comedy classic, Bachelor Party. Well, someone was listening because it looks like we'll finally be getting a Bachelor Party 2, only it's going straight to DVD ... and you know what that means. Crap-tacular!

Fox has greenlit the film, which begins production this March in Miami, and hired James Ryan (???) to helm off a script written by Jay Longino (whose most impressive credit is as an editor on Joe Rogan Live!). While they're calling this a sequel, it appears as if the story will not pick up where the last one left off -- in fact, according to the description over at Production Weekly, it won't even include any of the characters from the original film. Nope, this "sequel" revolves around a guy named Ron who proposes to a girl named Melinda after dating for only a couple months. Thus, a knock-your-socks-off bachelor party is planned by Melinda's scheming brother-in-law, Todd, who intends to do all he can to break these two up by the time their crazy weekend in Miami is over. Sounds familiar ... in a cruddy direct-to-DVD kind of way. Boo!

As you can probably imagine, there will be no extra special cameo from Hanks himself. Gee, really???

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