Al Gore still has work to do; he has yet to convince everyone that global warming is scientific fact and not just liberal lore. An Inconvenient Truth was the cause of a recent controversy in a suburban Washington school that drew great attention in the community at large, and specifically within filmmaker and activist circles. Here's what happened, in a nutshell: a science teacher in the Federal Way School District was set to show the Oscar-nominated documentary in class, when an angry parent's email put an end to all that.

Although there hasn't been much scientific rebuttal to Gore's documentary, there's still a portion of the population that does not believe that global warming is scientific fact. Like the parent in question, Frosty E. Hardison. (Frosty? Oh, they can't be serious!?) Not only do they believe that there is no truth behind this whole global warming thing, but that it is also relatable to the second coming of Christ -- this was in the email, and due to America's constitutional principle that declares the separation of church and state, Mr. Hardison's outrage shouldn't have been given such a quick result in his favor.

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