The first time Lucky McKee and Angela Bettis got together, it was in the service of a project called May, a stellar little horror flick that I've been forcing on people since I saw it several years back. The film was well-regarded enough to earn Mr. McKee a spot on the roster during Master of Horror's inaugural season -- and the guy stuck with what works. He hired Ms. Bettis (again) and they delivered Sick Girl, one of the first season's very best episodes, if it's me you're asking.

So now comes the old switcheroo: The new movie is called Roman, and it comes from director Angela Bettis. Her leading man is her former director, of course: Lucky McKee. I was psyched to catch Roman at last September's Fantastic Fest, but I'll warn my fellow May-lovers right now: If you walk into Roman expecting just a gender-reversal take on McKee's first flick, you're in for a disappointment. Roman is a fairly slow-moving (yet still interesting) story of a lonely guy who accidentally murders a girl before, well, going off the deep end, emotionally.

I dug the flick well enough to offer a recommendation, if only to the serious genre fans, and now it seems I'm not the only one who liked the thing: According to, Echo Bridge Home Entertainment will be releasing the Roman DVD on March 27, and that's pretty good news indeed. Despite the presence of two very talented filmmakers, Roman is precisely what we mean when we call something a "tough sell," so it's cool to see the flick hit the streets in one form or another. Expect the requisite commentary, deleted scenes, etc., but (I'll say it again) do not go in expecting May Part 2 -- or you just might hate the movie.
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