Indian cinema isn't like US cinema ... at least not yet. In 2003, the cinematically prolific India had close to double the feature films of the US -- 877 -vs- 473. Is it a big, sacred cash cow? It might not seem so with movie tickets costing less than half of one US dollar, but last year the industry raked in over a billion dollars -- imagine the profits if they paid what we do! While the sheer size of the industry makes the North America's look teeny, they can't come close to the power of the movie merchandise business -- at least not yet.

Derek Bose, the author of Brand Bollywood: A New Entertainment Ordertold Reuters that "Bollywood's top producers and studios have woken up to the possibility of earning money other than from the box office which can not remain their only revenue source." Yes, they've woken up and smelled the possibilities. The industry has embraced the idea of media convergence, and are delighting in multi-platform branding. Last year, Krrish, a huge Bollywood sci-fi hit, came out with everything from action dolls to costumes and stationary.

But is it too early? Sure, the plan can latch on to India's growing middle class, but we're talking about a nation which boasts over a billion people, yet only a small fraction have the technology to delight in merchandise websites or cell phone marketing. Then again, they're only getting roughly 20 cents a moviegoer, so they've got to make it up somewhere.
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