How easy could it be for Paramount to cast the new "young" Star Trek movie? Hire the kids of the original stars. That is what Chris Doohan suggests, anyway. On his MySpace blog (and in the comments section of a previous Cinematical post), he claims that he should at least be considered for the part of young "Scotty", the character originally played by his late father, James Doohan. He even gives a few good (to him) reasons: "1. I kind of look like my dad. 2. I can do a great Scottish accent. 3. We share the last name. 4. I like money."

He isn't sure how to go about auditioning for the part, but he's attempting a write-in/call-in campaign. On his blog, he supplies an address and phone number (that might not work, he says) for Paramount Pictures. If he can't get the Scotty role, he would at least like a walk-on role, something he also had for Star Trek: The Motion Picture. I think it would be funny if Paramount went completely against Chris' wishes and instead cast his twin brother, Montgomery, but it isn't likely producers would consider either brother. They are more likely to go with somebody with more acting experience than appearing as himself on Breaking Bonaduce. They may not cast a rising star like James McAvoy, but if Chris thinks he has a chance, he's dreaming.

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