Announcing that he would appear naked in the stage play Equus did not make Daniel Radcliffe automatically a grown-up. Not even the creepy poster was proof. But now, with some sexy publicity photos (these may be NSFW), the Harry Potter star finally shows that he's no longer a little boy. Nine photos feature Radcliffe shirtless (and scrawny, I might add), most with him standing with a white horse, the others with an also-topless Joanna Christie, his co-star in the play. He also looks more like Elijah Wood than usual in the pictures, which explain why the actors are confused for each other.

For the Potter movies, the pictures could be seen as a gift or a problem. Will they attract the aging fans who would have dismissed Radcliffe and his franchise as kid stuff, or will they be too racy for some who will associate the sex with the family films? With the latest in the series, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, coming out this summer, the photos certainly have to be a concern of Warner Bros. However, we haven't seen the studio react warily so far, and Radcliffe has been doing other things to shed his kiddie image. The play opens next month.

In other Harry Potter news, a number of spots in England are preparing for a surge in Potter tourism. They say it is in anticipation of the new movie, but something tells me that fans could make a nice vacation out of taking in a performance Equus followed by visits to the Potter shooting locations.
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