Over the last 40 years, James Lee Burke has been busy penning mysteries, mainly starring a certain New Orleans police detective called Dave Robicheaux. Burke is known for writing mysteries in a "moral wasteland" littered with murder and crude characters -- the creme de la creme of society. In 1996 Burke first made it to the big screen with Heaven's Prisoners, a mediocre feature starring Alec Baldwin. After a number of years, Burke is finally getting a second cinematic adaptation as Chris Ullrich reported in November. However, there won't be a repeat performance from Baldwin, as Tommy Lee Jones is taking over the role. Sorry, Chris!

In the Electric Mist with Confederate Deadis coming alive under the hand of French filmmaker Bertrand Tavernier, and Polish screenwriter Jerzy Kromolowski. You might remember his last screenplay, the dreary, yet well-received, The Pledge. His experience with grim subject matter should help the picture since Burke is anything but a cheery writer with uplifting, positive portraits of humanity. In this mystery, Robicheaux wants to link a New Orleans mobster named Baby Feet, currently in town producing a Civil War film, with the murder of a local prostitute. When a corpse of a man that the lieutenant had seen murdered 35 years before pops up, Robicheaux is sure that the old and new killings are connected and tries to bring the mobster down. Jones has already hunted down fugitives, killers and aliens. This should be old hat.
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