As soon as you hear the cheesy sci-fi sound effects and synthesizer score that accompany the opening credits of Future-Kill (courtesy of Subversive Cinema), you'll realize you're back in the 80's. And I'm not talking about the magical Spielberg-ian 80s, but rather an 80s represented by schlock movies in heavy late night rotation on Showtime and Cinemax, which I must admit has a certain magic of its own. This Texas-lensed film's biggest selling point, and the factor that secured its initial financing, is that it reunites two stars of the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Edwin Neal who played The Hitchhiker, and Marilyn Burns who played Sally Hardesty, though it's interesting to note that neither is easily recognized thanks to Burns' hair and make-up and Neal's face plate.

The time is the future ... I think. A street gang known as The Mutants, identifiable by their face paint and new wave clothing, seeks an end to all forms of nuclear energy. The group's leader, Eddie Pain, wants to attain his goals through peaceful methods, while a gang member named Splatter (Neal) who sports some nifty battle armor and Wolverine-esque claws, would just as soon gut anybody that gets in his way. When we first meet them Pain is chewing Splatter out for doing his slice and dice number on a Mutant who talked to reporters.
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