When we first shared news of this film in September, Smart People had a power cast: Dennis Quaid, Rachel Weisz and Thomas Hayden Church. After a questionable stint in American Dreamz, this was looking to be a welcome change for Quaid, who has mixed the likes of great movies such as Far from Heaven with shlockier fare like The Day After Tomorrow. Now Miramax has bought the North American rights to the film, but it might be a different flick than we were expecting.

Weisz has since dropped out of the picture, and in a surprising twist, Sarah Jessica Parker has taken her place. Now, don't get me wrong, I like the actress and I enjoy Sex and the City. However, there's an undeniable change in atmosphere when someone like Weisz is replaced with someone like Parker. Now the film, which tells the story of a man struggling with the death of his wife, the ex-student he falls for and the arrival of an adopted brother, has a different feel to it. Sure, it's always been a romantic dramedy, but I think this change will give us a little less drama, and a little more quirky comedy.

Nevertheless, there are big hopes for the film. According to Variety, Daniel Battsek, head of Miramax, wants to release the film in the fall, and give it an award-season run -- although he also sees its commercial appeal. Sure, there is commercial appeal, as it's got a great cast. But will it have award potential?
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