Snow Angels
is one of those films that you run into frequently at Sundance: a movie that has great moments in it, but doesn't hold together as a whole experience. This was unfortunate because this was one of the films I was most looking forward to seeing at Sundance. Based on the novel by Stewart O'Nan, writer and director David Gordon Green does a great job of capturing snapshots of life in a small town, but overall it misses the mark emotionally.

This film has a disturbing event that serves as a pivotal moment and involves a small child, but it hasn't been talked about much due to the controversy surrounding Hounddog, which might unfortunately work to its disadvantage. Any publicity is good publicity, and hopefully the current media windstorm around the Dakota Fanning film won't hurt this one, but chances are that if you mention "the film at Sundance with the young girl in it," people will think about the other one, and not this.