You've heard the Bloody Mary legend, right? Go into your bathroom, turn out all the lights and face the mirror. In the darkness, chant: Bloody Mary. Bloody Mary. Keep doing this until the 13th mention, and then a scary face, an angry woman or maybe even Satan will appear to you! There's a bunch of variations and people who should appear, but the basic gist is the same, and it's one that pops up now and then on film. Candyman used the idea, as well as Urban Legend (and even South Park took a turn during a recent Halloween episode). Now, Mary is getting a starring role in the soon-to-be-released DVD, Dead Mary ... and there's now a trailer online.

The story: Kim (Dominique Swain) travels to a remote cabin in the woods with her friends. At night, over a few beers, they decide to play "Dead Mary." One of the male naysayers goes up, repeats the phrase and "someone from their past" crashes the party -- a dead someone. After burning the avenging spirit, it starts to possess them, and the question arises: Can they kill each other to stay alive? Of course they can. Have they not watched The Evil Dead? Remote cabins in the woods are bad news. But still, Ash cut off his own hand to save his life, so what's the big deal with a few friends?

It's a straight-to-DVD release, so you can't expect too much, but I bet it could be fun as an interactive singing and drinking game if you have seen Evil Dead: The Musical. Sing "We're just 5 college students on our way to an old abandoned cabin in the woods, yeah!" as they travel to the cabin. Drink every time someone screams. It's a perfect fit!