Come March 30, Charlton Heston may no longer be the only star to cross your mind when you think about biblical plagues (as you so often do, of course), or at least that's what the folks at Warner Brothers are hoping. The new one sheet for The Reaping, which stars two-time Oscar winner Hillary Swank, has just hit the internet over at The poster really plays up the fire and brimstone angle of the story with the words "what hath God wrought?" burned into the sky, locusts swarming over a small town, and a river of blood running through the foreground. The trailer has been out for some time and Martha Fischer discussed it here back in July.

In the film, Swank plays a once devout Christian who lost her faith after the death of her family. Now she works as a debunker of religious phenomena, but logic fails to explain why the ten plagues of Egypt (locusts, frogs, firey hail, death of the first born, etc.), as told of in the book of Exodus, appear to be descending upon a small town in Louisiana.

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